Sgt. W. B. Hamlin, New York 1st Veteran Cavalry

William B. Hamblin enlisted on September 14, 1863 at Ellisburg, NY as a private. On October 10, 1863 he mustered into "F" Co. NY 1st Veteran Cavalry. He was mustered out on July 20, 1865 at Camp Piatt, WV. This information came from the New York Adjutant General.

My thoughts on why he enlisted in the cavalry. Evidently, after mustering out of the infantry with the NY 24th Infantry Regiment on May 29, 1863. He must have went to work in a lumber mill of some sort, as on June 15, 1863 he said he lost his index and ring finger of his right hand while operating a planner. This was the same arm where he was wounded. I suspect that it took a few months for the hand to heal and was probably difficult to find a job with the bad right arm and hand. He did mention this on one pension app, that he could not do the heavy work with his right arm as he used to. I'm sure the Army had recruiters out getting the young people to enlist and when they organized The New York 1st Veteran Cavalry, still having a trigger finger on his hand, he enlisted. Of course if he were left handed (which I don't know) this would not have been an issue. Also I suspect after having marched with the infantry for two years, I think he figured he would at least ride a horse this time.

I haven't found any documents as to when he was promoted to sergent but I would guess from his experience in the infantry, he was probably promoted when he joined "F" Company. Update---I found a record that said he was inducted with the rank of Sgt.

To see a list of the action his unit took part in click here. Of course I don't know at this time if he was present at all these or not. But, where else would he have been?

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